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DJ Pratt

Lead Guitar – Kalapana

DJ Pratt

(born David John Pratt – who passed away on 9/7/21)

Lead guitar of the Legendary Hawaiian group Kalapana.

I took this on stage with Kalpana at the Waikiki Shell 8/23/14

DJ Pratt live on stage at the Waikiki Shell in 2014

Malani Bilyeu

Hawaiian Legend

Malani Bilyeu

(born Carl James Malani Bilyeu – 6/13/49 – 12/27/18)

Lead singer of the Legendary Hawaiian group Kalapana.

I took this was right before Kalpana the stage at the Waikiki Shell 8/23/14

Malani Bilyeu about to hit the stage at the Waikiki Shell

Overkill- Poland_ Metallica fan site

My interview from 2011

Keith Baltin

Guitarist, singer, writer of The Guidance Band

Keith Batlin! geez what a talent, a wealth music history as well as a great family man!

Keith and my ties goes way before Keith was even born!

I went to High School and ran track with his Dad and Uncle!!!

Way back in Monterey CA.!

Keith has made a name for himself in the Roots, Reggae and Blues scene!

Have duets with Mykal Rose of Black Uhuru, Sister Nancy, Pato Banton and many others!!!

So Keith and I have been trying to shoot forever but but too scheduling… we finally made the time…

These pix are some for the coolest funkiest shots that I had ever come up with =)

Enjoy and Aloha

Thanks Keith!!!

Keith Batin – Reggae Man singing the Blues!
Beach, Ocean and Chair
Funky as Funky gets!!!
From 2015 album with Tavana McMoore…

Batlin McMoore Blues Experience

Mike Love

Hawaii’s rising super star!

Raiding my photo archives =)

Mike Love! Ya’ll gotta check this guy out!

Mike is a Rising Star who is based here on #Oahu

His is on tour now, please check his website for more info.

Pix Date 7/4/18

#Mikelove #ohana #roots #Reggae

Mike Love
Great tune and much see!

Celtic Frost – Live @ the Keystone Palo Alto

Crazy night as some of the HEAVIEST, avant-garde bands at the time converged on the legendary venue!

Celtic Frost (Switzerland), Voivod (Quebec) and Running Wild (Germany)

June 10th 1986

The Keystone, Palo Alto, CA, US

Thomas Gabriel Fischer
Martin Eric Ain
Backstage canid…
Denis “Snake” Bélanger
Jean-Yves “Blacky” Thériault
Michel “Away” Langevin
Denis “Piggy” D’Amour (RIP)
Running Wild from Germany
Rolf Kasparek Vocals Guitar & Stephan Boriss Bass

Photoshoots – The Granite Saints

Photos of Hawaii’s true Rock & Roll band!

James Leonen
Chad Taylor – Drums
Andrew Jackson – Bass
Shane Taylor – Guitar

all photos © 2021 by Bill Hale

Check out there Facebook page…

Nick Gertsson – CD release party

Pix from my Swedish Brother’s release of “Beyond Fear is Beauty”

12/24/21 the Hawaiian Brians “Slack Key Lounge”

Nick is shred mode…
In a Soulful mood
Nick and the NGB…

To hear Nick’s tunes…

Eric Sardinas… Respect Tradition

Eric Live at “Next Door” Honolulu, HI 10/08/16

Raiding my photo archives and reworked a few pix for Eric’s gig back in 2016.

Funny it does not seem that long ago…

Eric on Spotify

Eric Live
Respect Tradition!!!

And his resonator guitar!!!

Winter Sunsets here at the Beach at Waikiki

various photos of Winter Sunsets

Waiting for the “Green Flash”
Sunset sail